Peltor LiteCom Pro II non IS

Peltor LiteCom Pro II is a communication headset with high attenuation hearing protection and short range builtin programble communication radio. The communication radio is designed for either stand alone or integration into industrial or other professional communication systems.


  •  Has a builtin activevolume function that lets you hear ambient sound: conversation, machine sounds and warning signals
  •  Builtin VOX for handsfree operation
  •  Sudden impulse noises at harmful levels are immediately attenuated
  •  An electronic voice tells you what settings you are adjusting, so you do not have to take off the headset to check
  •  30 channels can be programmed from 403 to 470 MHz.


Accessories and spare parts


Throat Microphone MT90

MT9002 Throat Microphone Dynamic
MT9003 Throat Microphone Elektre

External PTT FL5602

Rugged externa PTT with a robust clip. 

Can be used to WS Ground Mechanic and LiteCom III

Hygiene Kit HY79

Aimed for High Attenuation Headsets, High Attenuation Listen Only Headsets, LiteCom, LiteCom Plus, Tactical XP, Workstyle and Alert.

Wind protection M60/2

Wind Protection for: Alert, LiteCom Plus, ProTac II, Sound Trap.

Microphone Protector HYM1000

Microphone protector, 5m.

Battery Pack ACK081

  •  Operating time: about 20 hrs
  •  3.7V/ 1800 mAh/ 6,7Wh
  •  Charged with cable AL2AI connected to a FR08 (power supply). Can also be charged from any USB port.
  •  Charging time:

    •   Via power supply FR08 : approx. 4 hours. 
    •   Via USB port: depends on capacity of the power supply.

Charging Cable AL2AI

Charging cable for ACK081. 
Can be charged via an USB-port or connected to a FR08 (power supply).