DectCom Accessories

3M Stock number 

Part number 



XH-0016-7597-0DC2821Repeater 1,8 GHz

XH-0016-7598-8DC2822Mains adapter for DC2821


XH-0016-7574-9DC2031Battery lid for main unit
XH-0016-7576-4DC2032External battery holder for 6 AA batteries
XH-0016-7577-2DC2033Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
XH-0016-7578-0DC2035Screw for battery lid
XH-0016-7579-8DC2036Screw for external battery holder
XH-0016-7580-6DC2041Antenna, general 1.8 GHz for main unit
XH-0016-7585-5DC2046Omni-directional antenna with magnetic foot
XH-0016-7722-4DC2048Antenna ring kit, Red/Green/Black
XH-0016-7587-1DC2061AC Adaptor for main unit/holder (common for EU, UK)
XH-0016-7589-7DC2064Charger/Holder for DC-2811, 9-15 V DC, (includes mains adapter DC2061)
XH-0016-7723-2DC2068Power Supply/Holder for DC-2812/2815, 9-33 V DC (includes mains adapter DC2061)
XH-0016-7591-3TKD5011Attachment clip
XH-0016-7628-3DC2072Ground Mechanic cable incl. flag “Remove before flight”
XH-0016-7632-5DC2-5001Adapter cable for “dynamic standard”
XH-0016-7633-3DC2-5005-AAdapter cable for telephone 2.2 kOhms
XH-0016-7634-1DC2-5010Adapter cable for ICOM, with straight connector
XH-0016-7635-8DC2-5030Adapter cable for Motorola GP340, GP328
XH-0016-7636-6DC2-5063Adapter cable for Motorola Mototrbo