Product desription

DECT-COM II Portable Unit DC-2811

3M Peltor DECT-Com II is a wireless duplex intercom system, operating on the 1.8 GHz DECT-frequencies, which are license free in most countries.

The products in the Peltor DECT-Com II family offer simple and efficient wireless duplex communication with up to 9 active users talking in full conference and additionally up to 40 listeners with possibility to quick “break in” to the conference. In a system with more than 9 users any listening participant can change from listening to speaking. The earliest active speaker will then be degraded to a listener in the conference and any other listener can follow, replacing active speakers in the order “first in – first out”. There are basically two versions of the DECT-Com II main unit; base/portable units and portable units. A base/portable unit can be either used as base or portable alternatively.

Due to low power output and high frequency it is a short range communication system. The nominal working range is approximately 250 metres outdoors in line of sight. The working range may be shorter due to actual conditions.

Key Features

  •  Full duplex communication system
  •  Working range typ. 250 m outdoors / typ. 50 m indoors 
  •  (line of sight)
  •  Ghost voice guided menu system
  •  Up to three simultaneous talk groups 
  •  Volume boost
  •  Noise gate (voice operated)
  •  All-call, between the channels (and synchronised systems)
  •  Wireless PTT button for external radio etc. available
  •  Extended battery pack for longer usage time


  •  Portable unit for use in a DECT-Com II conference with up to 9 simultaneous speakers in full duplex.
  •  The DECT-Com II conference can also have an additional number of listeners, all with possibility to enter as speakers in the conference, at any time.
  •  Headsets with different types of microphones can be used.
  •  Full duplex communication, but with “VOX”, for preventing from transmitting background noise to the conference. 
  •  An “all call” function makes it possible to communicate common messages (simplex) to all users in all groups, at the same time.
  •  The portable unit is normally power supplied with rechargeable battery pack. (Can also be used fixed installed, power supplied in a special holder with AC adapter.)