DP 3400 digital portable two-way radio combines two-way radio functionality with advanced digital technology. It permits easy migration with operation in both analogue and digital, and is available in UHF and VHF versions, both with 32 channels.


  •  VHF (136-174MHz); UHF1 (403-470MHz); UHF2 (470-512MHz) 
  •  32 channels
  •  Large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use
  •  IP57 environmental sealing helps ensure continued operation in tough working conditions
  •  3 programmable buttons to improve ease-of-use and increase operator efficiency
  •  Tri-colour LED for clear visual feedback on radio operating status 
  •  Emergency button to help ensure rapid response to critical incidents 
  •  Quick, easy-to-use Group, Individual and All-call capability
  •  Sophisticated Emergency Calls help ensure employee safety
  •  PTT ID helps improve communications efficiency and system discipline 
  •  Remote Monitor features help ensure employee safety and enable fast assessment of remote user status 
  •  Elegant channel scanning schemes help ensure calls are received first time every time
  •  New accessory connector with RF port and USB interface for advanced connectivity
  •  Privacy Options 
  •  VOX Capabilitity 
  •  Lone Worker 
  •  IP Site Connect (Multiple Site Support) 
  •  Capacity Plus (Single Site Trunking)

Basic Model Includes: 

  •  NiMH 1300mAh Battery 
  •  IMPRES Single-Unit Charger 
  •  Whip Antenna 
  •  Dust Cover 
  •  2.5" Belt Clip 
  •  In-box Documentation

Technical Data: 

Channel Spacing: 

VHF MDH55JDC9JA1_N - DP 3400 VHF Radio * 
VHF MDH55JDC9JA2_N - DP 3400 VHF Radio(20kHz) ** 
UHF1 MDH55QDC9JA1_N - DP 3400 UHF1 Radio 
UHF2 MDH55TDC9JA1_N - DP 3400 UHF2 Radio * 
*Note: 20kHz channels are not supported. 
**Note: FM Battery is not available. 

Potential Self-quieting Frequencies to be avoided:

VHF: 142.675MHz ±1k, 144.000MHz ±100k, 147.455MHz ±10k, 151.200MHz ±5k, 156.000MHz±10k,  157.625MHz ±1k, 162.000MHz ±10k, 166.675MHz ±5k, 168.000MHz ±5k, 172.030MHz ±10k. 

 403.20MHz ±5k, 414.00MHz, 417.79MHz ±10k, 420.00MHz ±5k, 431.10MHz ±5k, 432.00MHz ±5k,  436.80MHz ±5k, 442.36MHz ±10k, 444.00MHz ±5k, 450.00MHz, 453.60MHz ±5k, 466.93MHz ±10k,  468.00MHz ±5k.

450.000MHz, 453.600MHz ±5k, 466.930MHz ±10k, 468.000MHz ±5k, 470.400MHz ±5k, 480.000MHz±5k, 486.000MHz ±15k, 487.200MHz ±5k, 491.520MHz ±10k, 502.200MHz ±5k, 504.000MHz ±15k, 506.695MHz ±5k.