Mimer Network Interface

Mimer Network Interface

The purpose of the Network Interface is to be a bridge between the radio and the IP network. It transforms audio and signalling from analogue to digital and back again.

The Network Interface has a very flexible design so the I/O signals can be configured to fit almost any radio on the market, both Mobile Radios and Base Stations.

The Network Interface has connections for Audio input and output, I/O control signals like Squelch, PTT, Alarm, Off-hook, PEI etc and Data signals to and from a control head.

The network connection is a standard 10/100 base-T Ethernet connection. Both TCP and UDP network protocols are available simultaneously depending on the system configuration. This allows a flexible approach for designing the most optimum network based system.

The interface has a design that fits most standard uses with none or very small modifications. For the specific radios with control heads that are supported by Mimer SoftRadio there are versions available where all set-ups and adjustments are already pre-configured.

There are also special Network Interfaces to be used with phone lines or intercom instead of radios, and also interfaces for Mimer SoftLine.

The Network Interface runs on 12VDC just as most radios and is therefore easy to power from the same source as the radio, and to feed with back up power. If power is lost, the Network Interface will restart itself in a matter of seconds when the power comes back.

Technical data

Size: 120 x 78 x 44 mm
Weight: <300g (typ. 260g)
Power Supply: 8-28Volt / 250mA
Temp range -10°C -> +50°C
Connectors RJ45 for ethernet, D-Sub for audio, power, I/O, data and AUX.