Indoor positioning system

Zonith Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

IPS can locate and track any digital radio, Android phone, DECT handset or WiFi phone provided they are Bluetooth ‘always discoverable’. Each Bluetooth device is given a unique identity and is monitored as it moves from zone to zone. IPS provides real-time location data of users using strategically placed Bluetooth beacons. It can be used in conjunction with the Alarm Control System (ACS) to trigger an alarm notification if a worker or asset enters or leaves certain predefined zones, or it can be used with Lone Worker (LW) to provide location data of a worker in distress. Zonith IPS is the only solution that supports ‘real time’ indoor positioning without affecting radio network performance.

IPS Features

  1. Bluetooth® beacons are installed to create the desired coverage zones and can be powered by plugging them into a standard electrical outlet or via PoE. 

  2. IPS piggybacks onto existing LAN to reduce new infrastructure.

  3. Visual overview of employee locations in the coverage zones. Each device is represented on the overview map and identified by the owner’s name and title.

  4. Restricted access alarms automatically notify dispatchers and mobile workers if unauthorised people or assets enter restricted zones or leave designated zones.

  5. Location-based activation and deactivation of LW Rich reporting tools record the person’s position and movements.

  6. Administrator access to the visual web interface from any computer or device over the LAN.


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