Zonith RTLS Indoor & Outdoor Positioning System

is a software application that utilizes both Bluetooth technology and standard GPS to monitor and track the location of employees throughout corporate facilities and compounds. Bluetooth beacons are strategically placed throughout indoor facilities, while GPS geo-fencing is used to monitor outdoor areas. By combining these two technologies, staff can be safeguarded no matter where they are located. Should a worker be in distress, RTLS can be used in conjunction with ACS to receive & dispatch personal safety alarms to response teams (including the last known location of the worker).


Bluetooth Indoor Positioning
Locate employees using any always discoverable Bluetooth device, including DMR & TETRA radios, Android smartphones, DECT/WIFI phones and Bluetooth tags. Customers are not bound to a specific brand of handheld device; they can switch or add Bluetooth devices at any time. The signals are received by strategically placed beacons, which are constantly monitored by the Alarm Control System via LAN.

GPS Outdoor Positioning
By combing Bluetooth and GPS technology, staff can be located from any position in or around a facility. When leaving the Bluetooth area and going outdoors, staff handsets will automatically and seamlessly switch to GPS. When paired with ZONITH’s Alarm Control System (ACS), RTLS can automatically trigger an alarm should an employee enter/exit a predetermined zone.

Personal Safety With Location Data
These solutions can be used throughout any corporate facility ensuring the safety of employees, fast emergency response, panic alerting, entrance/exit control, critical area protection and intelligent lone work solutions. When used in conjunction with ACS, MDN and LW, response teams are automatically notified of the location of the distressed employee on their handheld device of choice.

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