Kolibri System


Kolibri Systems is a software developer devoted to control room applications such as dispatch and tracking. Being an agile and responsive company, we excel in collaborating with our customers to build a customized control environment that meets their specific needs. Our operator-friendly interfaces support a user’s intuition, empowering them to act quickly on incidents. Moreover, Kolibri Systems’s IP-based products unearth the full, rich functionality of TETRA, DMR, NEXEDGE, LTE and/or Analog, helping you to boost your control room’s capabilities and efficiency.

Making business and operations safer and more secure is an increasing focus within most organizations. Since communications play a key role in achieving these objectives, upgrading your wireless communication system makes sense. Many organizations now realize that a handful of minor adjustments to processes, combined with some practical applications, can improve safety. Unearthing these capabilities makes investing in a wireless digital technology – like TETRA – well worth it. Please find examples of how Kolibri Systems – combined with hidden TETRA features and other system strengths can help you to improve your mission critical operations:

  • Emergency call response
  • Area clearing
  • Read and confirm mission
  • Connect to dispatch
  • Street and camera surveillance
  • Connect with alarms and guard tours

More information please see Kolibri System homepage

Interested in this product please contact: mobcom@remove-this.furuno.dk or phone (+45) 75 13 22 66