The TEDS Ready MTM5400 TETRA DMO Gateway/Repeater mobile radio provides extended coverage, exceptional audio performance and advanced data connectivity to address current and future critical communication needs of professional users.

Combining best-in-class receiver sensitivity with a 10W transmit power capability, the MTM5400 delivers industry leading operational range. With its flexible implementation options and advanced voice and data capabilities, the versatile MTM5400 supports a wide range of applications, including fixed control room, vehicle, motorcycle and custom installations.

Technical Data

  •  Transmitter RF Power: adjustable to Class 2 (10W), Class 2L (5.6W), Class 3 (3W) 
  •  Receiver Static Sensitivity (dBm): -114 minimum, -116 typical 
  •  Receiver Dynamic Sensitivity (dBm): -105 minimum, -107 typical 
  •  Licensable features: GPS 
  •  Gateway and Repeater services: Yes 
  •  Operating Temperature (°C): -30 to +60 
  •  Storage Temperature (°C): -40 to +85 
  •  Dust and Water: IP54 (cat. 2) 
  •  Environmental Specification: MIL STD 810, ETSI 300-019-1-5 class 5.2 and 5M3 
  •  Voltage Range: 10.8 to 15.6 V DC 
  •  Current consumption (A, typ) at 10W: Idle 0.5, RX 1, TX 1.2 
  •  Current consumption (A, typ) at 3W: Idle 0.5, RX 1, TX 0.9 
  •  Dimensions (mm): transceiver 45 x 170 x 169, std CH 60 x 188 x 31 
  •  Weight (g, typ): transceiver 1070, std CH 230 
  •  AIE Algorithms: TEA1, TEA2, TEA3 
  •  AIE Security Classes: Class1 (clear), Class2 (SCK), Class3 (GCK) 
  •  E2E Encryption: SIM-based, UCM-based with AES128 or AES256