MTS4 TETRA Base Station

Smaller, lighter and even more versatile than its predecessor, the MTS 4 is a high performance base station with improved power efficiency and lower operating costs.The compact MTS 4 sets new standards for high capacity, high redundancy base stations while ensuring site acquisition and installation costs are as low as possible.

  • Reduced site acquisition costs through fewer antenna site requirements
  • Reduced installation costs due to more compact and flexible design
  • Reduced site operation costs through fewer site visits and lower maintenance
  • MTS 4 fully complies with the new ROHS directive


High Capacity and High Redundancy

MTS 4 is a powerful and extremely flexible basestation with a range of cutting edge features for versatile installation and ultimate control.

  • Supports a wide range of RFDS configurationswith up to 3 receivers per carrier and duplexedor non-duplexed receive/transmit antennas
  • Up to 8 carriers can be combined with just one Rx/Tx antenna
  • Full redundancy option with site controller and base radio
  • MTS 4 supports hybrid combiners, manual and auto tune cavity combiners
  • Required battery capacity and heat dissipation is low due to excellent power efficiency and with two strong battery chargers, power supply costs are kept to an absolute minimum
  • The 10 Watt configuration is extremely powerefficient. Equipped with low noise fans, MTS4 is fully operational up to 60°C at any powerlevel up to 25 Watts after combining or 40 Watts without transmit combining
  • Supports both cost efficient X.21 and E1infrastructure links


Designed for Reliability and Easy Maintenance

Featuring the latest power-efficient technology, MTS 4 offers supreme reliability plus excellent access for easy servicing.

Totally Secure...Day and Night

No need to worry about theft or vandalism. MTS 4 includes the latest security features for total peace of mind.

  • External alarm interface supports 15 alarminputs and 2 external control outputs
  • Lockable door equipped with standard alarmcontacts – an effective intrusion detection system