Maersk Drillships (H2018-H2019-H2028-H2029)

Drillship series from Maersk Drilling.

I cooperattion with our partner Seanet in Korea, a TETRA communication with alarm management system is delivered on all below mentioned ships. The system is installed by Seanet and commisioned by Furuno MobCom.

  • Maersk Viking (H2018)
  • Maersk Valiant (H2019)
  • Maersk Venturer (H2028)
  • Maersk Voyager (H2029)

The package contains of following main parts:

  • Motorola DIMETRA IP Micro (DIPM TETRA)
  • Motorola MTS4 TETRA baseradio
  • Zonith ACS+ Alarm Management System

Project finished in 2014.